With tens of millions of users, we’re primed to replace SaaS with more cost effective defi and dapps. Our open source infrastructure is made scalable by key technology invented at PrimeLab to replace insecure smart contracts.

PrimeLab Philosophy

Revenue Market Size

Replace SaaS with more cost effective defi and dapps

Check out the ecosystem with multiple 9 figure buyout offers and a 15x market cap gain in under a year, with many millions of dollars of interest in our SaaS products currently

Revenue requirements alone will open up a new multi-billion dollar industry similar to SaaS and Invoice Factoring

Proprietary Infrastructure

Replace insecure smart contracts with new key technology invented by Primelab

PrimeLab AI

Born as a marketing tool, PrimeLab AI helps secure the PrimeLab ecosystem by identifying bad actors across multiple blockchains in real time.

PrimeLab’s Reach

Check out the omnichain dapp ecosystem with tens of millions of users

Our killer ecosystem is the developer interface to build your own apps. We’re building the internet that sits on top of blockchains. With apps that use each blockchain for what that blockchain does faster and cheaper than any other.

Built in Ecosystem Retention

Every additional user further trains our user persona system that ecosystem projects can use to drive relevant users to their apps, creating a further engaged & retained audience.

Open Source Infrastructure

launch a new product in days thanks to modular components

Our 200+ modular omni-chain building blocks help entrepreneurs iterate faster toward success than any other ecosystem.

GTP3 Indexer

Ask human readable questions about blockchain data. Generate complex queries in seconds.

RPC Node

Launch a containerized RPC node in hours rather than months. Increase your write speed to the blockchain.


A reliable, scaling indexer that can handle millions of transactions per hour.

Smart Contract Visualizer

Quickly visualize smart contracts to spot back doors and malicious intent.

ETL Pipeline

Process indexer data quickly with AI that pulls out the most relevant transactions for your app

TPS Tester

Plan for scale, test the maximum number of users the blockchain can handle before your launch an app.

Scalable Infrastructure

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