You Might be a Foundation

You Might be a Foundation Campaign

Create your meme and call out anyone who stands in the way of blockchain innovation.

" might be a Foundation"

PrimeLab’s modular components enable Web2 developers to launch Web3 apps in minutes rather than months and market their apps to over 60 million accounts. Foundations that support PrimeLab’s wide-payment ecosystem can receive up to $30M+/day in consistent token purchases as consumers spend fiat for apps and developers receive tokens

PrimeLab is choosing to work with ecosystems that meet the following requirement:

Developers show a high interest in being paid in the ecosystem’s token.

Foundations that can maintain the open source ecosystem payment.

DeFi ecosystems provide abundant yield options for token owners.

PrimeLab is Built to Scale to Enable Web3

Pairing applications with the community-owned hardware they require … no more AWS

Enabling marketers to target anonymous wallets based on their user personas

Enabling offline transactions

Replacing SaaS with a more cost-effective infrastructure

Converting token onramps into app store payment processors