Validator Yield Calculator



When a validator joins the PrimeLab network, they’re required to run a series of test transactions to determine their benchmark network performance. These tests are similar to hitting a test net repeatedly to prove yourself before joining the network. Every operation the validator does on the network further confirms the performance of the validator for selection.

Based on the test PrimeLab suggests a package a validator should run for their validator’s services. The validator can agree or select their pricing, affecting how often their validator is selected as users optimize for quality or cost.

Validator Calculator


Validator Type


0% 0% 100%


FAK Usage

200,000 0 1,000,000

Passmark Score What is Passmark?

4,200 1 100,000

Low Medium High

Passmark Score (Operations/Second)What is Passmark?

10,000 1 30,000

Low Medium High

Passmark Score (Read/Write) What is Passmark?

65,000 1 65,000

HDD Hybrid SSD

Storage Amount

50,000 100 GB 100,000 GB

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Primelab focuses on Validatornomics instead of Tokenomics, focusing on rewarding for utility and allowing for a long-term upgradable ecosystem. The Primelab Web3 ecosystem consists of two validators: Quantitative like Hardware and Quantitative like Investors or Affiliates. An example might be, Ecosystem participants purchasing hardware validator resources to run applications on a decentralized cloud. Calculating how much a validator will earn on the Web 3 ecosystem depends on a FAK with the consensus types of usage and utility in relation to three main constants: Energy, Data, and Latency.

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