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Enabling Fast Dapp development with Low Code Builder

Build a dapp in minutes rather than months by combining modular omni-chain components.

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An Omnichain Ecosystem.

Primelab’s implementation of Omni-Chain Technology covers multiple chains, with the most convenient drag-and-drop deployment of 5-6 chains. The program is cross-platform and can launch web2 applications on a web3 system. It is based on a powerful Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism that permits instantaneous consensus between many blockchains (as fast as hundreds of thousands of transactions per second). With Omni-Chain, businesses can operate on a decentralized, secure, and highly scalable network with trust, transparency, and efficiency.

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Multi Validator system Enabling Decentralized Cloud Compute.

Primelab implements a multi validator system that enables easy scaling and adaptation for different use cases. All PrimeLab Validators are Open Source software registered to a PrimeLab wallet, the wallet is rewarded by the system for supplying utility and driving usage.

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Multi Encryption Enabled by decentralized keys,replacing smart contracts.

Our Multi Encrytion and key system provides a secure system for our users with a dynamic function access key sytem that provides usage on our Ecosytem. Learn More→

Multi Chain Payment Ecosystem

PrimeLab aims to build a standardized payment ecosystem, open source  and yield system that scales by routing between coin-fiat onramps, ecosystem DEXs, and OTC trades. The universal payment system ensures that everyone gets paid. Stripe can’t go down when processing payments or businesses jump ship, the standard payment ecosystem needs to be able to scale while staying up.
The same smooth experience will be available to any App on any blockchain using the universal payments ecosystem.

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PrimeLab AI

Born as a marketing tool, PrimeLab AI helps secure the PrimeLab ecosystem by identifying bad actors across multiple blockchains in real time.