5 – Data Security

Data Security

A fully end to end encrypted network that with device based latency protections.

Real Time Payment’s proprietary “encrypted hash wallets system” supports 8 millisecond settlement. This is possible because currency used to purchase Real time compute is escrowed on the network allowing micro payments to settle without third party confirmation. Additionally, payments process at the same speed as real time compute because network usage and payment occur simultaneously in each network request.


Payment Settlement


Payments for $1


Mastercard’s Throughput

Default Private File Storage

Enhanced data security to improve compliance and halt data breaches. Granular access controls enable companies to define user permissions and maintain a clear audit trail, ultimately streamlining data management processes and fostering a more efficient and secure working environment. 

Secure Communication

Every communication is multi-party encrypted with unique key ids for every endpoint. Data remains encrypted until reaching its intended target through Embedded Data Routing; which can discern the destination and data type to ensure compliance without knowing the accompanying message content.

Behavioral Security

Detect activity anomalies the moment they happen with Advanced AI security that measures and authenticates latency variables. If an account messages the network in a way that conflicts with it’s behavioral persona the account requests are denied immediately pending re-authentication.

Imagine downloading a video to your phone before a flight and only paying for it when you decide to watch it in airplane mode.

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Experience the fastest communication on the planet with network requests that arrive internationally in milliseconds while hitting 80% fewer computers along the way

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Find a friend on another continent and transfer them coins with a speed the Google Cloud Team claims “Shouldn’t be possible. 

Take coins offline and transfer them via blue-tooth to colleagues without a network connection, something even Visa and Mastercard can’t do. 


A fully digital payment system needs a fully digital commodity to back it, be it a digital dollar or Bitcoin.

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December 20th, 2017

Try Global Transfers

December 20th, 2017

Try Global Transfers

December 20th, 2017

Try Global Transfers

December 20th, 2017

Try Global Transfers

December 20th, 2017