Embedded Confidential Compute

Unlike other distributed systems where data leakage is possible, all distributed compute is fully containerized and encrypted so no one knows what they’re doing or for whom.

Real Time Payment’s proprietary “encrypted hash wallets system” supports 8 millisecond settlement. This is possible because currency used to purchase Real time compute is escrowed on the network allowing micro payments to settle without third party confirmation. Additionally, payments process at the same speed as real time compute because network usage and payment occur simultaneously in each network request.


Payment Settlement


Payments for $1


Mastercard’s Throughput

Hyper efficient resource management

The network confidentially maximizes efficiencies through uniquely encrypted resource management, reducing bottlenecks and contention. Robust security measures protect data and resources from unauthorized access while they are containerized across multiple machines. Dynamic resource allocation increases access to efficient compute to both onsite and remote departments.

End-to-end encrypted hardware

Protect sensitive data from unauthorized access and potential breaches on Tamper-resistant hardware that preserves the confidentiality and integrity of data in transit & while being processed. Completely obscure a programs attack surfaces as no computer can discern what it’s processing or for whom. Secure results by only reconstructing processed data at its intended targets.

Proprietary Private Split Compute

Proprietary split compute increases program resilience against system failures and increases the complexity needed for a non-intended target to discern even the smallest part of a program’s objectives. Programs are broken across thousands of computers at their lowest level operations (addition, multiplication) and participating computers don’t know the hardware identities of their counterparts in the virtual machine comprising any program. An outsider has no idea when a piece of hardware contributing to the network switches between low level operations for one of the thousand virtual machines to which it may be simultaneously contributing.

Tamper Proof Embedded Compute

Embedded compute increases network throughput and resilience against internet outages by storing authenticated program results and permissions on end devices, removing the need to authorize most actions by referencing central authorities. Stored authorizations enable network devices to provide immediate responses powering their efficient contribution to multiple VMs simultaneously. Every third party authorization is required once per machine, and their reusability turns requesting permission from a series to a parallel process for faster compute.

Encrypted Data Shaping

Companies can upload and process their data in a way, where they’re the only ones who can access their underlying data. While at the same time companies running physical infrastructure, can interpret the data to make traceable inferences that improve & protect their systems. Network security monitoring network messaging can differentiate data types such as heath data vs shopping data and treat them accordingly while automatic routing directs them to their intended targets all while internal message data remains end-to-end encrypted.

Imagine downloading a video to your phone before a flight and only paying for it when you decide to watch it in airplane mode.

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Experience the fastest communication on the planet with network requests that arrive internationally in milliseconds while hitting 80% fewer computers along the way

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Find a friend on another continent and transfer them coins with a speed the Google Cloud Team claims “Shouldn’t be possible. 

Take coins offline and transfer them via blue-tooth to colleagues without a network connection, something even Visa and Mastercard can’t do. 


A fully digital payment system needs a fully digital commodity to back it, be it a digital dollar or Bitcoin.

Try Global Transfers

December 20th, 2017

Try Global Transfers

December 20th, 2017

Try Global Transfers

December 20th, 2017

Try Global Transfers

December 20th, 2017

Try Global Transfers

December 20th, 2017