Securing Critical Workloads with Confidential Compute on Unified Data

Augment your current infrastructure with encrypted data transfer and processing

Streamlined Data Unification

Improve decision-making capabilities and business logic faster by securely feeding all your global business data into a single model in real time.

Embedded Confidential Compute

Imagine compute faster than you can refresh your screen; with the authority to take action without referencing external permissions

Advanced Data Security

Respond to threats immediately with built-in network traffic behavioral analysis and admin key rotation to lockout individuals or entire departments with a click based on the detected threat.

Secure Any Hardware

Support legacy and future hardware with robust security and optimized routing to disrupt incumbents with fully secure confidential compute.

Real Time Compute

A network with zero dependency on existing internet infrastructure that delivers unprecedented efficiency

Real Time Payments

Encrypted hash wallets enable usage based micro payments for real time compute


Enterprise Infrastructure, AI, and Computational Biology deployed on Real Time compute

We have a solid track record of building systems that scale. Our last launch attracted 2.1M Signups and 60M to our waitlist