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Real Time Payments

Real Time Compute needs Real Time Payments to power usage based micro payments & offline settlement.

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Real Time Payment’s proprietary “encrypted hash wallets system” supports 8 millisecond settlement. This is possible because currency used to purchase Real time compute is escrowed on the network allowing micro payments to settle without third party confirmation. Additionally, payments process at the same speed as real time compute because network usage and payment occur simultaneously in each network request.


Payment Settlement


Payments for $1


Mastercard’s Throughput

What is digital currency?

Usage Based Payments

On Real Time Compute, payments are tied to usage. For example, when an AI company requests GPUs to train a transformer, funds from their Hashwallet are locked in anticipation. As the GPUs process each iteration of the training data, payments are incrementally sent at the time of GPU usage. Whatever funds aren’t consumed at the end of training are refunded.

Offline Payments

Because Real Time Payments have zero external dependencies, PrimeLab uses multiple layers of ring signatures to remove assets from the global network and lock them to a specific device (imagine digital cash).

  • Exchange offline assets
  • When either party reconnects to the network the transaction settles globally

Imagine downloading a video to your phone before a flight and only paying for it when you decide to watch it in airplane mode.

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Experience the fastest communication on the planet with network requests that arrive internationally in milliseconds while hitting 80% fewer computers along the way

API Documentation

Try Global Transfers ->

Find a friend on another continent and transfer them coins with a speed the Google Cloud Team claims “Shouldn’t be possible. 

Try Offline Transactions ->

Take coins offline and transfer them via blue-tooth to colleagues without a network connection, something even Visa and Mastercard can’t do. 


A fully digital payment system needs a fully digital commodity to back it, be it a digital dollar or Bitcoin.

Try Global Transfers

December 20th, 2017

Try Global Transfers

December 20th, 2017

Try Global Transfers

December 20th, 2017

Try Global Transfers

December 20th, 2017

Try Global Transfers

December 20th, 2017