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Product Description

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Provision a single Investor License on the PrimeLab Network


1-100, 101-450, 451-1000, 1001-2000, 2001-4000, 4001-10000

Auction Block

1-100, 101-450, 451-1000, 1001-2000, 2001-4000, 4001-10000


Validator Type


0% 0% 100%


FAK Usage

200,000 0 1,000,000

Passmark Score What is Passmark?

4,200 1 100,000

Low Medium High

Passmark Score (Operations/Second)What is Passmark?

10,000 1 30,000

Low Medium High

Passmark Score (Read/Write) What is Passmark?

65,000 1 65,000

HDD Hybrid SSD

Storage Amount

50,000 100 GB 100,000 GB

Alternatives to Running a Investor Validators

Plug and Play (hardware)

As the name implies, Plug and Play hardware is shipped to your home, ready to turn on and connect to the network over the internet. You have full control over your machine and receive rewards for its contributions after registering it with your account.
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eos-icons_software Validator Licensing

Software Licensing is slightly more involved than Plug and Play and allows you to run any computer as your validator. Simply install the PrimeLab software and it will benchmark your computer’s unique capabilities as it’s added to the network. Usage based validator licenses are also available. They reward network participants who drive usage on the network, like investors who fund booming projects, and affiliates who drive traffic to PrimeLab dapps.
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Validator Community

Join as a validator to earn on an ecosystem with 60 million accounts.

PrimeLab is a brand new L1, which is 200,000x faster than any previous L1 and capable of interoperating with other L1s. We built it from scratch, then recorded 1,455,319 TPS on our global private testnet. Let’s get app developers paid for onboarding millions of users onto decentralized hardware, then earn coins as value floods into the ecosystem.

Earn Real Yield

Before blockchain it was called Cash Flow, earn coins when your validator is used to run consumer apps and secure the network.

Limited Access

Spots are limited prior to our 60 million user launch. The network will first generate enough coins to ensure sufficient gas is available for users to purchase. Register to participate as soon as it’s your turn.

Play the game

The cost to join the network inherently increases over time. Secure your position as a validator early on to maximize your investment.

What is PrimeLab ?

The PrimeLab network hosts entire Web2 & Web3 applications on globally distributed virtual machines allocated to end users by the blockchain. Rather than provide the same infrastructure to every application like most blockchains, PrimeLab’s decentralized hosting offers tailored hardware to each app, based on the app’s requirements and the available computers on the network. Now, a Protein Folding Simulation and a game of chess can run on the same Web3 infrastructure inside separate custom virtual machines without slowing each other down. This creates massive growth potential for the network as any application can migrate onto more efficient Web3 hosting. The PrimeLab team has built a suite of tools to get developers paid. This includes a drag and drop app builder where web2 developers can launch web3 applications in minutes, rather than months.

How to set it up?

  • Connect the device to the power
  • Start the device and connect it to the internet
  • Open Primelab validator [ preinstalled software]
  • Enter your account details
  • System will automatically try to register to the network.